Re: Orlanthi; Shargash & Zorak Zoran; Humakti

From: David Dunham (
Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 21:37:54 EET

Steve Lucek wrote

> Orlanthi culture is successful. It has survived in the most dangerous
>areas of
> Glorantha, where powerful empires have fallen. So it must be strong. I
> therefore have difficulties with a cult structure based on a clan, in
>which I
> can see weaknesses.

It has survived, therefore it must be *flexible*.

And to some extent, it *hasn't* survived. The two times that Orlanthi
culture got big and impressive (the Theyalans ruled much of the Council
lands in the First Age; the EWF had a very strong Orlanthi component), it
was squashed.

Pam Carlson wrote

> Or, consider the reverse - ZZ is actually a Shargash - has fire, decends
> to the underworld, renews life, though in a disgusting, troll sort of
> way...

There are some indications (primarily in the Broken Council Guidebook) that
ZZ is a composite deity, so they don't even really have to be the same.
Just share the same component.

Paul Heinz wrote

> Carmanian Humakt ... might have a light aspect and a dark aspect

And Greg has pointed out two equally valid stereotypes for Humakti:
paladins and Hells Angels members...

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