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Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 21:41:11 EET

>What IS the connection between Shargash and Zorak Zoran??????

>You're right, of course. Martin L and I figured this out long ago.
>Not only are there too many similarities to ignore, but the irony of ZZ
>actually being a major deity in Genertela's great empire of light is too
>hilarious to pass up! We'll fill you in on the details privately, if
>you like - I'm sure Martin has the posts somewhere.

I believe that ZZ and Shargash both fulfil the role of "Deitiy who commands the
forces we hate - within our pantheon". ie Shargash wields air powers and ZZ
wields fire power, both of which are the antithesis of their cultural
affiliations. Their violence is endemic of this function as only the insane and
deranged within a society would deal with such powers.

>Or, consider the reverse - ZZ is actually a Shargash - has fire, decends
>to the underworld, renews life, though in a disgusting, troll sort of

Or perhaps there is only one diety that looks different based on the emphasis
the culture he is worshipped in places on his appearance? Hence Tolat is
Shargash, Shargash is Urox and ZZ and if you told any worshipper of those
different faiths that they'd laugh at you then kill you.

Quotes collected by Dave Pearton from various Alkothi sources:

>Shargash want Smash!!!!!!!
>- -Anoymous Shargashi retainer (house Urash-Mallek)

>What! The miserable peasant compares the pure and holy destructiveness of
>Shargash to a foul Dijijelm! <Ominous tapping of maces, pollo mallets,
>etc> Into the enclosure with him lads...
>- -Vrantharus Urashmallek
>(Apologies to Martin Laurie)

Couldn't have said it better myself or perhaps I did but had too much beer after
the last polo match when we kicked that bunch of Red Moon areswipes - House
Arin-Torza - all over the place.

>Hmmph. Obviouly one of those twisted and deluded moonie types. Everyone
>knows that the true form of Shargash is the glorious red planet, which
>rises in the 22nd quadrant, of the 3rd house....[2 pages of astronomical
>ramblings deleted]. Whereas the sign of the Dijijelm known as the Eater
>only appeared in a presagement of the doom conjunction first being noticed
>in quadrant... [ yet another 3 pages of speculative ramblings cut].

Yep, thats Manlivarus for you, always the stars when he should have been
practicing his polo swing.

>The ignorant Danielus of the bastard house of Clusky (No doubt of new,
>lunar stock) will be amoungt the first to be purified when the Revolution
>- -Manlivarus Urash-Mallek
>(Buserie and Shargashi)

Well said Manlivarus! Lets burn em all and shake the world once more! Once
we've done that we'll have to find a nice Shargashi husband for our poor old
sister Yulpana. Have to get a fellow who'll stop her spending all that time in
Lunar ceremonies thinking up strange thoughts. She should have proper Denderan
training. They'd soon get her out of her diaphanous robes by Yelm!

Vrantharus UrashMallek, walker of the Path of Destruction, Dancer of the
Thunder, smiter of the Impure.

David Cake:
> I propose that the most realistic and simple way to settle the
>strange dispute between Martin Laurie and Peter Metcalfe (who ever would
>have thought that you would have to argue that Shargash was the son of
>Yelm, and a separate being?) is to say that the view that Martin holds is
>what your average Shargashi grunt might actually believe in Alkoth, and

>what Peter believes is what some Raibanthi philosophers, probably somewhat
>Lunarised (this 'masks' concept) ones, believe. The goddess has taught me
>that they are both right. But I think the Alkothi thug is probably a lot
>more relevent most of the time.

Hey! Alkoth is _the_ centre of Dara Happan culture and learning. We have row
after row of scroll, texts and books on war, massacres, atrocities, military
campaigns, seiges, extermination camps, unit tactics etc etc and you Raibanthi
have the cheek to call us "thugs" and "grunts". Where were you when the world
was threatened by Kazkurtum? Didn't see your god smashing the Digijelmi, did
we? How you Raibanthi get off on pretending to be cultured is beyond me. All
good things in the world (Like Enclosures) come from Alkoth and Alkoth comes
from Shargash as everyone knows.

Back to being me again - I think David is about right here and Peters view is
fine by me though I believe it is not accurate to roleplay Shargashi like that,
thats up to Peter. I'd like him to play in one of our games and see if it

changed his mind but thats pie in the sky for now. The bottom line is that
there is no hard info as yet so play it as you will. All I know is that playing
a Shargashi is some of the best roleplaying fun I've ever had and they are one
of the most interesting cults and cultures in Glorantha to be involved in.

Martin Laurie


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