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From: Beyke, Maurice A (
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 00:10:19 EET

>Well, it's been a while, but the muse just smote me.
>Here are a couple more songs to agonize everyone.
>This first one is Elric! inspired, not RQ, but I think
>everyone will appreciate it.
>(To the tune of "I Saw Her Standing There")
>It has a black oily sheen,
>And it's edge is so keen,
>And the way it kills is way beyond compare.
>Oh! How can I slay with another
>Than this black rune sword I bear?
>Well it speaks to me
>And I, I can see
>That before long I will kill all for whom I care.
>But how can I slay with another
>Than this black rune sword I bear?
>Well my head goes zoom
>As I cause their doom
>And it sucks their souls inside!
>Well we've roamed cross the land,
>We've slain beast, demon, god and man,
>And before long it will kill me too; I don't care.
>Cause how can I slay with another
>Than this black rune sword I bear?
>(To the tune of "My Old Kentucky Home")
>Oh the winds blew free at our old Sartari home
>In Autumn the earth sprites were gay.
>The barley's ripe and the meadow's in the bloom,
>And the alynxes frolicked all the day.
>The young folks rolled on the little cabin floor,
>So merry, so happy and bright.
>By and by bad times came a knocking at our door,
>We bid old Sartari home goodnight.
>Weep no more, my lady!
>Weep no more today.
>We will sing one song for our old Sartari home,
>For our old Sartari home far away.

>Hope you enjoyed them.


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