Gorgorma and Shargash

From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 00:48:59 EET


>Gorgorma and Lodril have runes perculiar to themselves. I assume the
>Lodril rune is a sub-form of fire/heat, is that right? Gorgorma's is
>more mysterious - - the solid horizontal line through the sphere of

Gorgorma's rune in GoG is the Shadow Rune. Lodril's is the heat

David Cake:

>(who ever would have thought that you would have to argue that Shargash
>was the son of Yelm, and a separate being?) is to say that the view that
>Martin holds is what your average Shargashi grunt might actually believe
>in Alkoth,

If David cares to look at theology in medieval times, he would find
that what the commoner believes is usually what the Philosopher says.
Are the Saints totally seperate beings from God? Is Krishna totally
seperate from Vishnu? Is the fish totally seperate from the ocean
in which he swims? I find it very difficult to believe in the obvious
RW collarary of his compromise that because the people who proclaimed
the Trinity were philosophers and theologicians, the average believer
was an arian!

The whole relationship of Shargash with Yelm is the stuff of Myth
and is _known_ to every Alkothi from the very start. It is replayed
every year. It is the equivalent of the Ring of Orlanth or the
Necklace of Pamalt. Are the Lightbringers seperate from Orlanth?

Mere appeals to reason (look up in the sky!) to disprove that
Shargash is seperate from Yelm do not work because the Alkothi
knows in his heart that they are.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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