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From: johnjmedway (
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 00:58:29 EET

>> From: "Neil Robinson" <>
>> Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 20:24:25 +0000
>> Subject: Glorantha Con IV
>> I would like to add my thanks to Andrew Joelson and his supporters
>> for putting on a very fun Con. As I am slowing coming to the
>> realization myself, setting up a Con is no easy task.

And you'd better do as well, laddie. It was a pretty small con, yes.
But it was a damn fun one.

>> Some of my highlights were:
>> - - Watching Penorri, chief of the Vostangi clan, prove the old adage
>> that holding power is far harder than getting power. Jeff Richard's
>> "The Tale of Orkarl's Bull" was great fun to run. I honestly think
>> he and I enjoyed it more than the players.

BTW: The players had fun too, despite how open your comment right there
left you...

>> - - Playing Speed 'Into the Praxian Wasteland'. IMHO, David Dunham won
>> the 'lewdest line' competition.

A blast. People had to be fast thinking for Speed Prax. Else the RQCon/
GlorAntha Con Spirit of Reprisal (Goldschlager) would attack them.

>> - - Leading an Agamori counter-charge that turned a Orlanthi rout into
>> a shallow Lunar victory. John Medway and Rob Smith has developed
>> some really nice wargame rules for Glorantha.

Thanks. I had an absolute blast. And a very big thank you to everyone who
played in either or both of the games. I had been expecting only 2-3 players
from the sign-ups, but to get so many folks showing such interest was rather
inspiring. (P.S. folks, send me your addresses, who you played, et al., so
I can send you updates for more testing, once I clean them up a bit more and
get the rest of the card material in 'em.)

>> From: <>
>> Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 03:26:06 -0500 (EST)
>> Subject: Re: DumbQuest(ion)
>> Will there ever be a Glorantha Convention in California? I'll understand if

There was one. Roderick, Eric, Shannon, and I forget who else, ran one in
January 1995.

That does bring up the subject of when and where the next one (after Victoria)
ought to be. May I suggest somewhere we shan't need Kalikos Icebreaker?


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