New RQ v Glorantha?

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 04:12:29 EET

Call me odd, but it seems to me that the slightly vaunted renaissance of
RQ is quickly going down the gurgler! First (announced) David Hall is no
longer managing (?) the renaissance; second, New Lolon is refused; and thirdly
Soldiers of the Red Moon has been de-MOBed.

From a long way away from the action, it's difficult to believe anymore than
it is business as usual with Tales (though I had to get my #14 from England
since it's *still* not in Australia) and this list fueling the embers of RQ
and Glorantha.

I can only agree with Nick that the recent 'official' releases from Greg and
Chaosium have not particularly helped my campaign! (eg. The Fortunate
Succession, Entekosiad et al.). Now we also hear that there may only be one

more RQ Adventures, and no more Codex. New Lolon gospel will be non-Gloranthan`

Sigh. Had to let it out...

PS. After all that doom and gloom, I'm still working on getting a CDROM of
material together. [There, now I've said it in the open I might actually have to
*do* it!] Its main benefit would be the ability to search for information
that has come through these mailing lists. Other people have indicated they
would donate as well.


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