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   The argument originally was Yelm is a noble's only cult. I disputed
   this by saying the Yelm was an Urban Cult and cited evidence.

Peter argued in V4 #131 that the existence of emperors who were
originally from non-Dara Happan nobility invalidates the claim that
Yelm is a nobles-only cult. (It took me a while to dig the posting
up. It doesn't hurt to restate your arguments as the thread grows
long.) From this argument, it does not follow that there are
commoners initiated into the cult of Yelm. Rather, I see Yelm
initiation as a sufficient condition for noble status: Getting into
Yelm makes you a noble. That just isn't going to happen for Joe
Lodrilite. Carpetbaggers and other Carmanians who weasel their way
into high society are the exceptions that prove the existence of this

As for direct evidence of a nobles-only Yelm cult, I can only appeal
to MGF. The half-, quarter, and eighth-citizens of the old days, the
plethora of functionally diverse deities in the pantheon, and the big
interest in ancestry, and the survival of Dara Happan culture in the
face of frequent conquest also indicate a rather stratified society in
which this kind of club makes sense.

- --David Gadbois


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