An Apology

From: Stephen P Martin (
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 06:39:31 EET

Nick Brooke <>
Re: Stevie
As I did not read Nick's post, I won't comment on it directly, except to
say that the Digest is not the place for us to be trashing each other. I
admit my remark was slightly out of line, but Nick's post was too long
for me to excuse on any grounds.

I asked Nick once in private to keep our disagreemtn off the Digest, and
I apologize to him (and everyone else) if I did not. But I am now asking
him in public to keep derogatory comments about me (or anyone else) in
private, where they belong. This is getting as bad as the anonymous
Oliver announcement. Worse, because at least that involved more people.

Stephen Martin


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