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Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 10:57:54 EET

Arf Asks:

> The question I am putting to you more worldly (lozengely?) wise people is
> whom would the SB lose his ear to? Would he have to fight a chaos foe,
> lose the ear, nearly die, and be healed by an Eiritha priestess before
> whacking the foe and retreating? At this point, the Initiation begins to
> me to sound like a heroquest. Or perhaps that's the way Initiaion should
> be...

The ear would be torn off by a Chaos Foe which would then be
defeated, in this case. The Chaos Foe could be a proxy (in other
words a passerby dressed up in a broo-costume) or it could be a real
Chaos Beastie - REAL Storm Bulls do not use proxies and kill Chaos in
their initiation ceremonies, if they die themselves then they were
not worthy enough to follow the Bull.

This reminds me of a character in a campaign I was in who had been in
Orlanth and Storm Bull for a few years and tried for Storm Khan
membership, passed all the tests and conditions, paid the right
bribes and was asked the question, purely as a formality, "have you
killed a creature of Chaos in single combat?" After an embarrassing
few minutes where he racked his brains trying to think of an example,
he went off to the Marsh to find a broo where he was ambushed by a
vindictive GM.

Initiation should be like a HeroQuest, in fact it should be the first
HeroQuest the person undertakes as a member of the cult - lay members
do not participate in HeroQuests (except, of course when they do).

> Also, I am having difficulty converting gloranthan coinage, and I can
> find no sources that explain it - can someone tell me approxiamtely how
> many Lunars there are to a Wheel?

10 Bolgs = 1 Clack, 10 Clack = 1 Lunar, 20 Lunars = 1 Wheel.
(Amongst Trolls, 1 Bolg = 1 Clack).
Someone said once that Sun County used Stars at some weird exchange
rate, but we don't play girly things like that in my campaign.

Steve Lantis writes:
> Blank truestone is particularily prized by spys and assasins.
> Put a single grain into food or drink, and the victim will lose
> all their spells!

Yes, but they would then have a Truestone containing all their
spells. It may affect their long-term power, but short-term nothing
changes. Also, the assassin has to be REALLY careful - either he does
not touch the Truestone or he has no spells himself. In any case,
what a waste of Truestone.

Peter Metcalfe (being his normal, nice, polite self):

> Excuse me, but all you did was say that the idea being swallowed
> and cutting themselves out (ie Sir Ethilrist, Argrath) was silly
> and then said that the Orlanthi would use the dragonslaying myths
> whilst apparently ignorant that the Orlanthi myths *do* have this
> sort of thing.

There is a difference between being swallowed by Hungry Jack and
being swallowed by a True Dragon, in my opinion. The idea of being
able to cut oneself out of a True dragon is still silly, in my mind.

> Ogres are right-handed (Dragonewts are sinster) and are clearly
> related to the man rune.

Ogres are Chaotic. I was under the impression that all Chaots were
left-handed, therefore Ogres are left-handed, being Chaotic.

Maybe I was wrong.

> Or perhaps you have some hidden gnosis that transcends rationality?
You and me both, it seems.

Simon Phipp
Back in the land of the living


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