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Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 13:22:13 EET

Rich/Hasni asks:

> What is the magazine that had the "Humakti Special?" As I understand
> it, that is WAY out of print. Who holds the copyright, and have they
> considered doing a small second run of any of the past issues?

That would be issue #5 of "Tales of the Reaching Moon", which came out in
Spring 1991. Several copies were for sale last weekend at the Chicago
RQ-Con, as part of an omnibus-edition reprint (#1-5 and #6-10 as single
volumes of spine-bound photocopies). These sold out fast, and we are likely
to try it again at future conventions. That said, these volumes will *not*
be available by mail order (from us or from anyone else), unless and until
you hear otherwise from your local Megacorp Rep.

The copyright in every Tales article is held by the original authors and
artists, and material may only be reproduced with their permission: it says
so at the start of every issue, and is in no way unusual practice.

The Reaching Moon Megacorp did, in fact, do a second print run of Tales #5
some years ago, but I believe that is sold out. IIRC, this reprint was one
of our slowest-moving publications (for quite understandable reasons: many
of our potential buyers already had copies, slowing down sales). OTOH, if
you contact your local rep (David Gadbois in the U.S.A.), he *may* be able
to help out somehow.

While we'd like to keep everything in print all of the time, we lack the
Avalon Hill Games Company's vast reserves of subcutaneous (and indeed
cranial) fat: if we invest our personal savings in a reprint, it slows down
our next product until we get some return on our investment (like getting
back all the money we put into it). As "Tales" runs at around break-even
(i.e. the cover price is about equal to production cost), a small reprint
run becomes more expensive (thus harder to sell)... and so it goes.

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