Hippogriff's Avenging Daughter

From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@compuserve.com)
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 13:22:00 EET

Here's the first of the three new stories I brought to RQ-Con Chicago.
While the first three paragraphs may be strangely familiar (copied almost
verbatim from Greg Stafford's "Tale of the Horse", cf. Wyrms Footprints),
the last two will surprise and, I hope, amuse. The rest will follow over
the next few days.


        As we all know, King Griffin feuded with his fellow light gods over
the treatment of his favourite child, Hippogriff. She had been an ally to
Splendid Yamsur, eldest son of Yelm, who used to be called "The
Victorious." Now, Splendid Yamsur and Hippogriff had sworn solemn oaths of
friendship, but in several great battles of Godtime, Hippogriff was
abandoned by her so-called friend, who was not called "The Victorious"

        Hippogriff underwent a series of painful and humiliating
experiences during the War of the Gods and the Great Darkness. First she
met Storm Bull in raging battle and her proud fangs were broken out of her
mouth so she could no longer bite. In a fight with Maran Gor, the
Earthshaker, Hippogriff's legs were broken and her bronze claws were ripped
from her feet, but Yamsur was able to replace her feet with hooves. The
greatest sore was when Zorak Zoran tore off her golden wings, laughing as
he robbed her of ever returning to the sky. But most humiliating was when
this once great godling was taken and broken by a mortal, Hyalor

        He claimed to be freeing Hippogriff's crippled spirit from death,
and said he wished to make an alliance with her. He rescued her by changing
her name and her identity. Even so, man got the better of the bargain. She
was called "Hippoi", or simply horse. Ever since then her descendants have
worked far more for man than man has worked for the horse.

        But very few people know the story of Hippogriff's Avenging
Daughter. This goddess was born in the Great Darkness, before Hippogriff
had encountered Hyalor Horsebreaker. She suffered all the wounds of her
divine mother, and was born fangless and hooved and wingless, but she had
not yet been tamed. The Avenging Daughter set forth to confront and defeat
those opponents who had torn and mutilated her mother, bringing divine
vengeance and retribution upon them. As reparations for the wounds her
mother had suffered, she wrested away the most prized powers of her

        When the Avenging Daughter encountered Storm Bull, she stole away a
part of his hot, foul-stinking breath. When she confronted Maran Gor, she
partook of that goddess's earth-shaking bulk. And when she wrestled with
Zorak Zoran, she robbed him of his thick, black troll-hide that was
impervious to harm. And by doing this she became a different manner of
creature altogether: one thick-skinned and ponderous, able to hold its
breath, with massive teeth and feet, adapted not for the air but for the
water. The Avenging Daughter of Hippogriff took on a new name: thenceforth
she was called "Hippo", though the priests of her cult know her secret name
of "Hippo Potamus". And her descendants have never been broken or made to
work for man: they frolic freely in the muddy rivers of Esrolia, children
of the Avenging Daughter of Hippogriff.



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