From: Hal Bowman (bowman1@mail.bcpl.lib.md.us)
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 14:54:12 EET

I too attended GConIV and had quite a blast. Highlights:

1. Playing in the Wake of the Zola Fel, in which the players generated
much secret knowledge regarding the cults along the river. Ahoy! Kudoes
to David Millian!

2. Getting a chance to run How Lake Day Came to Be in open Gaming. We
had fun running it, and it seemed the players had fun too.

3. Shrieking with Sandy. I blew my own head off with a shotgun...and I
_wasnt'_ insane.

4. Rune Metal Jacket. My attempt for Divine Intervention from Mralota
failed....now I'll never desert!

5. Orkarl's Bull. My frustration with the moot rules (pure poutin, to be
sure) aside, it was a lot of fun. I don't think I do Mr. Dunham's Korol
justice, but it was fun playing the reluctant hero (with the patriotic
sister who slept with the King of the Colymar and Saved the Clan!).

6. Meeting many cool folks and having many good chats.

Thanks to Andrew Joelson and team for running the con!

- - Hal Bowman


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