Yelm non est Shargash

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Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 14:15:28 EET

>When a Shargashi runs amok, he should feel he is
>being true to both Shargash and Yelm in much the same way as the
>Taufengs (sp?) felt that they were devout Christians when they ate poor
>Muslims on the First Crusade.

        Indeed, I feel a Shargashi feels every bit a part of the great
Yelmic religion, and worships Yelm and Shargash both. He acknowledges Yelm
as the big leader and mentions him in the prayers and knows he has to do
what they say and gives little sacrifices every harvest time. But he is
initiated into the mysteries of Shargash, and knows all sorts of cool
Shargashi secrets, and prefers them to the boring life of a Raibanthi. A
Templar would not desire to be a Franciscan.

>The idea of a division between Shargash
>and Yelm seems to me ugly.

        The idea of non-distinction between the two - oh, yeah, Shargash is
just Yelm wearing a mask - seems equally ugly. They are separate deities
from the same pantheon related in many ways.

>The whole relationship of Shargash with Yelm is the stuff of Myth
>and is _known_ to every Alkothi from the very start. It is replayed
>every year. It is the equivalent of the Ring of Orlanth or the
>Necklace of Pamalt.

        Exactly. Just because she's part of the ring, doesn't mean that
people think Pamalts wife is just Pamalt wearing a mask. Nor do people

think Shargash is just Yelm wearing a mask. But worshipping Yelm means
worshipping Shargash as well (as his son and servant), worshipping Shargash
means worshipping Yelm the father as well.

>Mere appeals to reason (look up in the sky!) to disprove that
>Shargash is seperate from Yelm do not work because the Alkothi
>knows in his heart that they are.

        What do you mean? The Shargashi knows in his heart that Shargash is
the loyal son of Yelm, and also knows rather more directly that the
Shargashi is not the same person as his own father, so why should he think
Yelm is the same person as Shargash?
        Which doesn't mean the Yelmic religion is in anyway separate from
the Shargashi religion, two things that can be clearly delineated - they
are different parts of the same thing.

        And to be honest, I think if it really came down to it, and they
had an ecclesiastical purity movement again (not that the Lunars would let
them), then all this 'they are just masks bit' would be thrown out as Lunar
influence, and we'd go back to Yelm is not this and Yelm is not that, and
Yelm is not Shargash. Which may not be current Raibanthi practice, but its
every bit as mythically true as the current philosophy.




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