Humakti Subcults

From: Joseph Troxell (
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 22:27:41 EET

Are there any "common" subcults or hero cults of Humakt, or even different
aspects of the god (like Orlanth Adventerous, Orlanth Rex, etc)? Since
Humakt has the Truth Rune, and it's owned by Lhankor My is there a
connection between these two cults? Awhile ago, the idea of a LM "Judge"
and a Humakti "Executioner" working together came up. Is there a subcult of
Judicial Servants? Or a subcult of Vampire Hunters? Would these appear as
different aspects - Humakt Executionous, Humakt Garlicous? And please don't
answer, "all this was answered in <insert obscure out of print title here>."


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