Re: Glorantha Digest V4 #137

From: Hasni Mubarak (
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 23:13:13 EET

>This reminds me of a character in a campaign I was in who had been in
>Orlanth and Storm Bull for a few years and tried for Storm Khan
>membership, passed all the tests and conditions, paid the right
>bribes and was asked the question, purely as a formality, "have you
>killed a creature of Chaos in single combat?" After an embarrassing
>few minutes where he racked his brains trying to think of an example,
>he went off to the Marsh to find a broo where he was ambushed by a
>vindictive GM.

Very similar thing happend to me, Orlanth and the Bull. I was asked, "Have you ever
Bersereked?" "Nope, never needed to...uh...not that YOU guys really need" Anyhow, I ended up placating them by promising to Berserk in my next
fight. Which, unfortunatly happened to be a packed bar. Only thing I remember was
clubing somebody to death with their own arm... ;-)



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