What is this digest for?

From: James Turner (lib155@abdn.ac.uk)
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 17:01:14 EET

Aww come on, somebody please answer my armour question!
I know it might not be as interesting as the Yelm or YT/Humakt debates
but I would appreciate an answer, just one would do.

About this digest:-
I thought that this was a forum for anyone to ask questions about
Glorantha not just for people who have been playing in or writing about
it for years. The first impressions I had when I started receiving this
digest where "I thought I knew about Glorantha until now. How can I ask
any questions here when all the threads are on a totally different
level?" i.e one you arrive at after studying every page of KoS, FS etc.
Not that I don't like these discussions, just that they can put new
comers like me off (for years I have had only a few RQ2 items
and I'm only now reading up the RQ3 material). Perhaps there should be
a new list for Glorantha novices, though I guess not many new people

are comming into the game. If G:tG ever comes out hopefully this will
change and there will be a flood of 'ignorant' questions like, do ducks
lay eggs? Do elves bleed sap, photosynthesise, need to breathe? Can you
sail off the lozenge? Do Jack'o bears really have pumpkin heads? etc.



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