I am outraged !

From: Paul2.Harmaty (Paul2.Harmaty@aig.com)
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 21:26:52 EET

Nick Brooke does us all a disservice by posting some long, critical ranting ...

>> I am just back from RQ-Con Chicago, only to find myself traduced in my
>> absence by an irritatingly persistent and self-important dweeb.

Clearly a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
Surely, no one has a higher regard for himself than our own Mr.Brooke.

He eventually concludes with yet more venom ...

>> But why on earth should I let him get away with it, just because he has
>> free access to Greg Stafford's waste-paper basket, and an overweening sense
>> of his own ability and importance?

Indeed! This is comical in its irony.

RQ and Glorantha are still just a game and fantasy world. They are not
important in
the scheme of things. Discovering a cure for cancer is worthy of pride, writing
fiction or filk songs is not. I'm not trying to belittle anyone, I'm pleading
for prospective!

We don't need nor should we tolerate high-handed trashing of contributors.
We should adhere to Loren's "keep it clean or keep it off the digest" edict.
Nasty trash can only serve to drive away people or cause others to refrain from
getting involved.
I've come to expect something better from this digest.

Paul Harmaty
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