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From: Andrew Joelson (
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 17:35:44 EET

        A lot of people have expressed thanks to myself & the committee,
for our efforts to put on Glorantha Con IV. I introduced most of the
committee at the opening ceremony, but for those who missed it, (1),
the other members are:

Mark Gilles
Paul Gilles
Marc Paterno (unfortunately not present)
Kevin Rose
Scott Schneider

   with much assistance from

John Boyle
Peter Joelson
Don Walli

        Seminars & other events were put on by:

Mark Anderson Nick Brooke Brandon Brylawski
Jeff Carey Jim Chapin David Chapin
Jim Chapin, Jr David Cheng (2) Don Coatar
David Coombs (2,3) Peter Corless David Dunham (2)
David Gadbois (2) Earl Geist (4) Chris Gidlow
David Hall (2) Rob David Heinsoo (2) Paul Jaquays
John Medway Rick Mients David Millians
Charles Morehouse Frederic Moulin Sandy Petersen
Arthur Reyes Jeff Richard Roderick Robertson
Neil Robinson Eric Rowe Michael Schwartz
Ed Tonry Michael Trout

(1) or are suffering from the hypnotic hazes dispersed from the RMM suite
(2) The Gang of Six Davids
(3) small press publisher; for info concering 'The Ultimate Unknown', a
    scifi/horror fanzine, Email me privately
(4) Mythos artist

Drink Orlanth-Cola!


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