Shargash once more

From: Martin Laurie (
Date: Thu 30 Jan 1997 - 20:26:18 EET

Peter Metcalfe comments:
>The idea of a division between Shargash
>and Yelm seems to me ugly.

But the diversity and roleplaying fun it creates is tremendous, escpecially when
you realise that there are actual differences in the _Yelm_ cult dependant on
which city inthe Tripolis you are from.

In Alkoth, the Yelm Imperators are much more "Old Dara Happa" in view and not as
keen on the Lunar "New nobility" as those weeds in Raibanth. The Shargashi
population is also divided into factions and these factions are not ugly in
their diversity but rather give a depth and excitement to the whole thing.

For example, in Pams Alkoth campaign, my character is only 18 years old and is
training to be a leading Shargashi warrior in his House. Its only been the last
few game weeks that he's left the city and he's been finding out all sorts of
things about the world he lives in that he doesn't like - ie popous Lunars who
don't recognise hie superiorty given the strengfh of his bloodline (obviously
insane), foul Monsters from Kazkurtums brood still lurk in the world, even in
fair Alkoth and that women (ie his sister) who spent too much time in Glamour,
wear far to little clothing and behave in an entirely imprpper fashion.

However the biggest thing he is discovering is that he _doesn't _ like the Red
Emperor and is beginning to suspect he is Kazkurtum in disguise as are all the
other foul followers of the Red Moon (apart from his sister cos she's okay).
This has led him to seek out the more traditional paths and may lead him to the
Dark Path where the followers of Shargash seek the release of their god to rule
once more and destroy the world in a glorious frenzy of annihilation.

If Shargash were just a mask of Yelm all this would be missing and so would half
of the fun. How would you play a Shargashi warrior? Anyone else tried?

Martin Laurie


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