Shargash (Again!)

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Ok, I'd promised to myself that I'd let this all rest but I couldn't let
this pass unchallenged.

> - --Peter Metcalfe
> The whole relationship of Shargash with Yelm is the stuff of Myth
> and is _known_ to every Alkothi from the very start. It is replayed
> every year. It is the equivalent of the Ring of Orlanth or the
> Necklace of Pamalt. Are the Lightbringers seperate from Orlanth?

> Mere appeals to reason (look up in the sky!) to disprove that
> Shargash is seperate from Yelm do not work because the Alkothi
> knows in his heart that they are.

Pardon? Why does the Alkothi "know in his heart" that Shargash is the
same as Yelm? There is no evidence for this whatsoever. The two have
seperate myths, astronomical bodies and aspects! I can see no myths ahere
Telm and Shargash can be conflated - even the nature and prupose of the
way they dance is different. On a trivial level the instrument of Yelm is
the harp - I personally cannot see a bunch of Shargashi sitting around
plunking gently away. The real kicker is that every Alkothi knows in his
heart, and his bones and blood, that Shargash is chained below the city of
Alkoth - they can feel him every moment.

I think that you have let your theory about Yelm being the everyman cult
and a conflation of the various sun-gods of the cities making up Dara
Happa run away just a tad. While there is a fair amount of merit this
particular bit is stretching too far (IMHO). Greg's figures on cult
membership in the empire just don't support the contention that everybody
and his dog is a member of the Yelm cult.

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