The Block IS Law Heresy

From: Owen Jones (
Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 03:19:36 EET

On the recent discussion about Truestone...

Do not believe the crazed Stormbull propoganda! The power of Truestone
comes not from the Law (which they claim the Block embodies), but from
the Devil! The choas that springs from his body keeps the Block in a
state of flux and unfixable. Chipped off and removed from his direct
influence, you can set Truestone, by taking into yourself the little gift
of chaos the Devil has provided. Storing divine magic is his gift! In
fact, every time you set a piece of truestone, you move closer to the
enlightenment of Gbaji. The foolish Stormbull worshipers do not realise
that the Block brings them closer to the primeval chaos they so
mistakingly despise. No clearer evidence is needed than the sight of a
berserk Stormbull - a gift rooted in chaos, whatever their priests might
claim. To help you along the road to enlightenment in this matter, I
offer the following Nysalor riddle:

Q: How can the Law embodied and Chaos embodied coexist in one body?

A: The Law embodied is (according to some) the Block, Chaos embodied is
the Devil. They exist together in Truestone.

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