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Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 00:34:00 EET

Peter Metcalfe

>David Cake:
>> In rules terms, Yelm the Youth sacrifices POW - so its initiate
>>status, even if it doesn't get all the customary benefits and obligations.

>Likewise the initiates in the City God sacrifice POW but are virtually
>lay members.

Well, I believe that City Gods do provide lots of associate divine magic for
the point of POW sacrificed. A bit like the Seven Mothers (a cult with
_only_ associate or common divine spells from the single Mothers).

At least this is my impression how the city gods manage in Kethaela...

Yelm the Youth is different from City God initiation (which, upon
reflection, sounds like the most common cult membership for Dara Happan
urbanites). No benefits in the form of associate or common divine magic.
Maybe it is a special case of Ancestor Worship?

>>But I think the commoners probably worship the city god as well - at least
>>I don't think the city cults would be strong if they had only a small
>>number of worshippers.

>Not everybody who lives in Pavis is a member of the City God.

No, but every _citizen_ of Pavis is. But then most of the Pavis residents
would be associate worshippers of Pavis (with the possible exception of
Praxian residents). Hence the Lunar plans to marry Pavis into their pantheon.

>in GoG, Tondiji is stated to be the City God of an important state in
>Fonrit and one of the biggest city gods in the universe. He rules a
>Large City. His Temple is Great. He only has 3000 initiates. I
>don't expect the Dara Happan City Gods to be much bigger proportionally.

Number of initiates doesn't reflect subservience to other cults. All
commoner Dara Happan city gods are subservient to some greater deity - Raiba
to Antirius and ultimately Yelm, "Yuthu" to Dayzatar and Yelm.

>As for Yuthuppa being a seperate place from Yuthubars, I don't
>believe so because Yuthu is very rare. Why wasn't the name

Because the city name is older than the name "Yelm" (or Yu-Elm) for
Brightface, IMO.

>Why did Murharzarm name Raibanth after his son
>instead of after the Old City?

Would you want to live in Footstool City?

>These are things that don't make sense in Plentonius's account.

Plenty of them. Plentonius didn't care much for logic in his effort to
spread his "truth".


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