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Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 02:16:05 EET

G'day all,


Stephen Martin:
 >As for the rumoured demise of Codex, I can only say I wonder how many
 >people who subscribed to these two magazines are likely to get their
 >money back once the official last issue has been sent out?

Steve, here you should have put yourself in the position of [fictional]
British PM Francis Urquhart: "One might wonder this, but [as the publisher
of a putative 'fanzine' myself which might one day run into difficulties],
I couldn't possibly comment."

Although these magazines have not published a new issue for some time - a
not uncommon circumstance in the world of amateur publishing - what evidence
do you have to publically suggest the editors intend to take the money
and run?

Some sonar techniques

Thomas Doniol-Valcroze (a friend of Flipper?):
>Hmm... I hope I was not too technical (and boring) on this.

Not at all, I found this fascinating!

>- - Using sonar as a weapon:
>Orcas, sperm whales and belugas, among others, can use their sonar as
>a weapon: they send a very strong sound wave against their prey, and
>can stun or even kill it that way! (the target has to be of limited
>size, though, like a salmon for example).
>It it a lot more difficult to use sonar that way in the air, but in a
>fantasy world, it certainly has a potential MGF.

Yeah - I'm thinking, imagine a trollball match. The referee makes a very
dodgy decision and gets blasted by these sonar waves from the angry crowd!
Maybe that's why the use Giants!

>Anyway, my point was that sonar is an amazing stuff in RW. In a
>fantasy world, I think it should be even more so!

Yeah, I like the pregnant troll ultrasound idea - if they can see its gonna
be trollkin, would the XU midwives be able to use their sonar to kill it, or
are Uz Right to Lifers? I imagine their are many medical uses Darksense

could be put to. Anyone got some other loopy ideas?



>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX.12-AFC46) "Trollball is of course played by night, and I decided not
to test the reaction of my trollish escorts to the comfort of magical
illumination. I was surprised to find however that the playing field
(an uneven stretch of turf littered with boulders, rubbish and other
detritus) was dimly lit, presumably for the benefit of the giant referees.
One of these behemoths was as ugly as I had ever seen: his huge head, face
and hands were swollen and puffy. As promised, the trolls had cut the
giants a huge pile of vegetation for their services, including, I noticed
as I passed, the very expensive sugar-cane I had brought as a gift for the
troll queen! The game was underway as I arrived, and a huge crowd, fully
double the number of troll-kind I had estimated to live in the area,
had gathered to watch. My guide explained that it was some sort of
grudge match, between the teams of the local Karrg's Son and his Zorak
Zorani rival. Barely five minutes of the game had passed, yet they were
already up to their third troll-ball! Another dozen of the wretched
creatures were strung up next to the Xiola Umbar priestess. The
artful priestess had even provided a newtling-ball "in case of wet
weather". The crowd were thrilled with the innovation and despite the
clear skies it got a run before the first half was out. I cannot tell you
the end result of the game, as play only resumed for a few minutes after
the interval. During the break the uglier of the giant referees began to
dig a deep trench around the Zorak Zorani goals. Now giants are known to
be naturally contrary but it didn't take even the unsophisticated mind of
a troll to work out that some cheating had been going on. I could see a
mighty brawl in the making, and wisely left as the affray began."
This account, all true, by Theodopolus Pandarus, Temple Collator,
initiate of Lhankor Mhy and master of Darktongue.


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