Yuthuppa and Abgammon

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Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 06:11:20 EET

"Michael O'Brien" <michael.obrien@actf.com.au>
Ugly Things Come From Down Under
> >These are great, really, I don't mean to complain. But, how many
times do
> >we have to be told that Uleria position #769 is the same as #146,
> >that the goat need not be domesticated?
>Well, since you've repeated it verbatim, just one more time!

What, did I inadvertantly repeat the entire thing verbatim when I asked
my question? I do apologize for this.

jcw@connecti.com (Chris Wehman)
More Yelmite stuff
>>Given that Yuthubars is also mentioned in the GRAY leads me to
>>believe that Yuthu founded the City and that Anaxial was a famous
>>Sailor-Emperor that ruled from it.
> But Yuthubars meant 'city of god' instead of Yuthuppa 'ship of
>God'. Yuthubars was where the Tower of Yelm was (not necessarily a
>material place at the time Anaxial landed). Yuthuppa was put on the
>where Anaxial landed after the flood.

>was blessed by Buserian(who I personally think is the city god of
>who was formerly the god of Abgemmon, which has falled off the face of

My interpretation of the whole Yuthuppa-Boat story is that Yuthuppa _is_
the city of Abgammon, put on or reconstructed as a boat.

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