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Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 06:34:40 EET

James Turner <>
What is this digest for?
>About this digest:-
>I thought that this was a forum for anyone to ask questions about
>Glorantha not just for people who have been playing in or writing about

>it for years.

Long before I ever got onto the Digest, I heard this and similar
complaints, especially back when RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha was
in full swing. I myself much prefer what I saw of the old Digest, when it
was separate from the Dailies.

I have less interest in mundane matters than Glorantha itself, and that
is the main reason I did not address your question. I assumed that
someone else would, however. I think even the most basic questions are
welcome, though I think it is true that they will fail to interest most
of the people on the Digest. It is the nature of the beast, sorry to say.

Note, however, that persistence can pay off. The recent Storm Bull
question had to be asked three times, I think, before it got a flood of
replies. Especially with basic questions, I have a tendency to _not_
answerm, because it is kind of boring to see ten people providing the
conversion rate from Lunars to Wheels (for example). If you have problems
witha question not being answered, I would suggest you repost it once
every 4 or so days (that's about 13-15 Digests).

"Daniel McCluskey (Volt Comp)" <>
RE: sonar musings.
>First, I really think that the "carrier" of darksense should be
>darkness. I realize that this conflicts with TrollPack, but I have a
>VERY hard time with the Trolls primary sense requiring air to work...

Indeed, who reaqlly needs "air" in _Glorantha_ to conduct Darksense?
Although it is based on sound, note that senses and communication don't
automatically have to be carried in/on some medium in Glorantha, since it
is a magical world. Why should Air, the element supposedly most connected
with Smell, have anything to do with sound, hearing, or Darksense at all?

Stephen Martin
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