Evolution of a Mailing List

From: Shannon Appel (appel@erzo.org)
Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 08:35:49 EET

James Turner:
>I thought that this was a forum for anyone to ask questions about
>Glorantha not just for people who have been playing in or writing about
>it for years.

It very much *IS* a place for *ANYONE* to ask questions. The fact that
the discussion is often very high level is to a large extent an
artifact of Glorantha's current state. There are no new mass-market

supplements. All the small press stuff is very esoteric (with, I
think, the exception of much of Tales of the Reaching Moon and all of
RQA). These things just don't tend to draw newcomers in. As a result,
this mailing list has evolved to the level of its constituents.

James Turner:
>The first impressions I had when I started receiving this
>digest where "I thought I knew about Glorantha until now. How can I ask
>any questions here when all the threads are on a totally different
>level?" i.e one you arrive at after studying every page of KoS, FS etc.
>Not that I don't like these discussions, just that they can put new
>comers like me off (for years I have had only a few RQ2 items
>and I'm only now reading up the RQ3 material). Perhaps there should be
>a new list for Glorantha novices, though I guess not many new people

>are comming into the game. If G:tG ever comes out hopefully this will

Greg has actually approached me before regarding creating a newcomers
list. I'm not really sure the right way to do so without making it
sound insulting. Right now, I figure that when the miniatures game
actually comes about, it'll get a new list, and that'll probably be a
lot more newcomer oriented. I'm not really sure it matters until there
are new products out there. (But, if anyone out there has comments or
suggestions Re: this, feel free to send me personal email).

Stephen Martin:
>Long before I ever got onto the Digest, I heard this and similar
>complaints, especially back when RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha
>was in full swing. I myself much prefer what I saw of the old Digest,
>when it was separate from the Dailies.

I have occasionally advocated someone spawning a new Gloranthan Digest
off of the current Gloranthan Daily, collecting on a regular basis all
of the non-discussion material that hits the list. You could get a
year's worth of digests just off of all the cool things that've been
posted since the old Digest ended.

I think the fact is that the Daily *IS* much cooler than the old
Digest was. If you lay all of the non-discussion material that comes
across this Digest end to end, you'd get MUCH more content than the
former Digest over the same time period. I'm not sure that you realize
how irregular the old Digest was. In something over 6 (7?) years,
there were around 120 issues. I'll point you to the number at the top
of this Digest, which counts back from December 3.



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