The Porpoise of It All

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Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 08:46:15 EET

* James Turner <> wrote:

> About this digest:-
> I thought that this was a forum for anyone to ask questions about
> Glorantha not just for people who have been playing in or writing about
> it for years.

        The Digest seems to be all things to all people. The problem (if
there is one) may be that with huge argument-discussions going on about
incredibly esoteric elements of Gloranthania, more basic/practical
questions get lost in the noise. I've been lucky to get good replies when
I've asked for information, but not everyone is equally fortunate.

> Perhaps there should be a new list for Glorantha novices, though I guess
> not many new people are comming into the game.

        That's not a bad idea, but I wonder if the real division isn't
between roleplayers and Glorantha scholars? As far as I can see, some

users are looking for support for the games that they play or run in
Glorantha, while others are interested in determining how many Humakti can
dance on the head of a pin. The RQ-Rules Digest (RIP) seemed to attract
people who were primarily gamers, but now they're out of luck.

        The thing that worries me is that I've spoken to a surprising
number of people who've managed to pick up the idea that Glorantha is
forbiddingly complex and over-detailed. In part that's based on what
they've seen here. If any sort of Gloranthan RPG is to have a prayer of
succeeding, it will have to get past that and focus on the fun, gaming
aspects of the world. Perhaps the Digest should be divided along those

        After all, grossity of detail wasn't what made RQII the second
best seller of its day. When most of us got started there wasn't a
thousandth as much material available as there is now: Cults of Prax and
Cults of Terror were all that my first RQ group had.

        And look what huge quantities of game-irrelevant material did for
Harn. Not much.

> Aww come on, somebody please answer my armour question!

        Wish I could, but I haven't been storing the Digest lately.

        Having got my rant out of the way, a couple of quick points:
        I really like Joseph Troxell's idea of Humakti "Vampire Hunters"
and other subcults. Makes me think of those kids in "Lost Boys". I wonder
how long they'd live, though.

        Re Storm Bull Initiation involving ripping off an ear -- I can't
buy this as a universal Uroxi custom. They'd all have one ear! By the same
logic, Thanatari would have to cut off their own heads, and Orlanthi would
have to kill their tribal chiefs.

        As a rare SB HeroQuest that might work, but a whole cult of
one-eared people is just too silly...

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