Troll sonar

Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 07:06:00 EET

                      Troll sonar 31/1/97
James Frusetta enunciated:

>I'm also curious -- are there examples of echolocation "glare"? (I've been
writing up something along these lines). A critter that gives off a strong
blast of subsonic sound to repel enemies, but to defend rather than to
attack, like the orca? Perhaps not RW, frex, if echolocation is a device
primarily used by predators (which it seems to me, from what I know), but
maybe in Glorantha...

Creatures that were capable of hearing into the frequencies used by
troll sonar would be able to hear trolls coming, perhaps at a greater distance than the
trolls could scan/search. Instead of using sound blasts as a defence, perhaps some
predatees might use passive sonar to avoid their trollish hunters?

Bill McKinley

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