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From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 00:59:03 EET

In Glorantha Daily, V4 #137, Stephen P Martin wrote:

> I can only say I wonder how many people who subscribed to these
> two magazines [Codex and RQ Adventures] are likely to get their
> money back once the official last issue has been sent out?

Sheesh, and I thought Stevie was criticising *me* unjustifiably! Now I feel
really reassured: he never accused me of being a thief and a rip-off

Just for the record, we at "Tales of the Reaching Moon" like to give fair
reviews of the "competition" (Codex, RQA, Drastic) in our Zines Seen
column, and encourage people to buy other RQ zines. Looks like the editor
of "The Book of Dramatic Insinuations" has a rather different, and somewhat
more negative, marketing approach...

For a reminder, the tally so far:

        zine issues

        Tales #15+
        RQ Adventures #5
        Codex #3+
        Spastic Rez. #1

    + = next issue 90%+ done

Keep watching the scores...


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