Storm Bull Ears

Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 10:16:15 EET

     I have to agree with several of the earlier posts regarding Storm Bull
initiation ceremonies -- only especially violent or primitive Khans would
require initiates to hack an ear off! Most of them would be happy with
symbolic losses of the ear, such as piercing or notching.
     In the game I am currently in one of the characters was a troll who
worshipped Storm Bull. He was definately physically a dark troll, but
because he had been born a twin he had been brought up as a trollkin -- right
down to the notched left ear! When he had a chance, he escaped and fled to
Adari where he hacked off his notched ear and joined Storm Bull. He would
never allow a non-Troll know he was anything but a dark troll, he would
simply explain that he cut off his ear out of piety.

     -- Will Johnson


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