Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 10:16:21 EET

     Hey, I was wondering if anyone could point me towards the right sources
of information or possibly help me out here on the digest.

     We have a new campaign starting up soon. It is set in Boldhome and will
be a more low power level game. My character is a follower of Lhankor Mhy
and is by profession one of the many jurors working there. My game master
has given me the task of coming up with a legal system for both the
Sartarites and the Lunars and an idea of how these two different sytems would
work together in the same region. I have been poring over the KOS portions
on Heort's Laws and Orlanth Justice-Bringer and I have also been looking at
the Johnstown Compendium to get a better feel for how the Lunar and Sartar
cultures and laws may mesh.
      I am wondering if I am rediscovering the wheel here. Has anything been
written up in more concrete terms regarding the laws of
Umath/Orlanth/Heort/Sartar? Has anything been written up regarding the laws
of Lunar occupancy? If not, I would appreciate any help I can get from
anybody out there.

     -- Will Johnson


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