Truestone - old vs. new

From: Nigel Smith (
Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 11:19:25 EET

>I seem to recall in the Cults of Prax narratives that Biturion is, at one
>point, passing this blank truestone from hand to hand, trying to decide
>whether or not to sell it to the Lhankor Mhy temple. Doesn't sound like
>he was having a hard time resisting any spell compulsion, just his
>compulsin to keep the stone.

Sounds to me as though there wasn't any complusion at the time Cults of
Prax was written, and so Biturian didn't have to resist it. Now there is...

If a newer source contradicts an older, it seems fair to use the newer, at
least on this list (though what I get up to in the privacy of my own game
is no-one else's concern). If something is mentioned in an old source yet
not in the new, and doesn't contradict something else in the new - that can
be used as well. Thus the amalgamation of compulsion (Elder Secrets) with
regain after casting from the stone (CoP).

>Maybe the Elder Secrets rules [sic] are a
>bit extreme in this respect?

How often have your players found a piece of blank Truestone? If they only
come across the rule as a muttered story in a bar or their temple, it
doesn't matter how extreme it is. Plus you get the "Guard this Great Hero
who has just lost all his Magic" plot, and the "We need a [insert spell of
choice], but the priest found a blank stone then had it stolen", plus loads

What's the [sic] for. You disliked them so much you set the dog on them?



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