Godi: oops.

From: s.lucek@ic.ac.uk
Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 12:34:30 EET

Godi: oops.

Hmm, my memory was failing me completely when talking about Iceland's godar,
in-fact they were the chieftains. I think this probably emphasises the point I
was trying to make in my last sending that 'rune levels' are (typically but
perhaps not always) the chiefs and rulers in Orlanthi culture.

As to my dislike for using the term godi, the above would do away with all of
my arguments, except the main one (strengthened by my discovery of the plural
of godi being godar) that it still sounds like some smelly cheese. I will pour
scorn and derision on anyone who does not accept the overwhelming strength of
this argument :-).

Also the quarter courts in Iceland only held session once a year, if anyone is
really interested.

Sorry, my signature fell off the end of the last e-mail. Probably all the
factual errors scared it off (though this has never happened in the past!).

Thanks for all the ultra sound stuff. Very interesting. However I am fairly
sure that the water droplets in mist would scatter the sound, which might be
rather a beautiful effect for trolls. I am very surprised that dolphins can
use ultra sound out of water. Any wave between a sharp boundary of two
different media (the difference between media is measured by the difference
in sound speed across the boundary), has a high reflected component (so light
is not too reflected because the speed of light does not change too much
between water and air). I guess that dolphin sonar must be very sensitive,
and they are able to use the small transmitted wave.

Stephen Lucek.


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