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Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 11:50:32 EET

Martin Laurie:

Me>>The idea of a division between Shargash and Yelm seems to me ugly.

>But the diversity and roleplaying fun it creates is tremendous, escpecially
>when you realise that there are actual differences in the _Yelm_ cult
>dependant on which city in the Tripolis you are from.

As I said before, I'm talking about how the initiate percieves the
relationship between Shargash and Yelm. I agree absolutely that
there is a difference in the Yelm Cult based on what city you came
from (not just the Tripolis - even the Darjiinians have Yelmics too).
I was making an issue of this because there seemed to be a line of
thought that Yelm is a _Foreign_ God from Raibanth. It was this
that I didn't like and I was trying to counter it by saying that
Yelm and Shargash are very close in terms of worldview in Alkoth.

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>If Shargash were just a mask of Yelm all this would be missing and so would
>half of the fun.

I don't think Shargash is 'just a mask of yelm' and I don't think that
because Shargash is seen by most Alkothi as intimately connected with
Yelm, all this politics should vanish. Everybody agrees on the basics.
The Politics are in the details.

>How would you play a Shargashi warrior?

I have thought of using the Aztec warriors as a model but they
fight crap (mainly because they fought as individuals and
in a ritualistic manner). Proper Shargashi should be able to
subdue their sense of self when fighting in a group.

There is a report by Polybius (a Greek) expressing shock at what
happened when the Romans sacked a city - they slew everything,
including the animals. So I think the Roman worship of Mars
should be looked at considering that the Romans are reckoned to
be civilized. There is an Italic tribe called the Mamertines
(Mamers being a variant of Mars) that triggered the First Punic
War (they took a city and refused to quit), unfortunately I don't
know much about them.

When treating prisoners, the Narmer Palette should be followed
(hit prisoner over head with big mace). Perhaps they cut
bodyparts off as a tally of how many people they've killed.

Dave Pearton:

Me>> Mere appeals to reason (look up in the sky!) to disprove that
>> Shargash is seperate from Yelm do not work because the Alkothi
>> knows in his heart that they are.

>Pardon? Why does the Alkothi "know in his heart" that Shargash is the
>same as Yelm?

I have not said that Shargash is the same as Yelm. I am denying
the Alkothi view him as _seperate_ from Yelm like they do with

>The two have seperate myths, astronomical bodies and aspects!

So is Lightfore a part of Yelm or not?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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