Air is (not) the medium of Sound

From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 15:21:14 EET

Daniel McCluskey :
> >First, I really think that the "carrier" of darksense should be
> >darkness. I realize that this conflicts with TrollPack, but I have a
> >VERY hard time with the Trolls primary sense requiring air to work...

To which Steve Martin replied:
> Indeed, who reaqlly needs "air" in _Glorantha_ to conduct Darksense?

Who does, Darkness being the carrier appeals to me too.

> Although it is based on sound, note that senses and communication don't
> automatically have to be carried in/on some medium in Glorantha, since it
> is a magical world.

Yep, this has my vote!

Sonar = Darkness
Taste = Water?
Touch = Earth
Sight = Ether/Light
Sound = Air
Smell = Chaos?
Illusion = Moon!?!?

> Why should Air, the element supposedly most connected with Smell,

Really? I was under the assumption that Orlanthi shout alot because
they are full of Wind! Thats probably why they belch and fart too.
Any smells which result are only nasty humours being expelled by the
righteous cleansing wind.

> have anything to do with sound, hearing, or Darksense at all?
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Well, 'cause it does, take Wind Words frex.

I think that the confusion between sonar & sound is the problem here.
Would you describe light and radio waves as being the same thing? [1]


[1] Well, I might actually, but it depends on context.


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