The Army of the Lord (resent)

Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 16:08:28 EET

G'day all,

Glorantha Digest Volume 04 : Number 143 seemed to be a repeat of an
earlier issue, but also had a new post from me, "The Army of the Lord"
listed in the contents. However, the post itself didn't appear.
Not that what I said was very important, but here 'tis again then:

The Army of the Lord
>Even a religion which preaches pacifism (Christianity), when threatened
>produces warrior priests to defend itself (Pope Leo iv, the Archbishops
>of York in the War of the Roses, etc.).

Don't forget Maj. (later Lieut.) Gen. Leonidas Polk, the Episcopal Bishop of
Louisiana who jumped out of his pulpit to command a Confederate Army in the
American Civil War. [For my current bedtime reading I am wading through
Shelby Foote's incredible 3 volume history of the conflict: I've just got to
a very moving bit where Polk visits a church outside Perryville (1862). The
bishop-general knelt at the altar as his chaplain read the litany and
pronounced the benediction, "accompanied by the murmur of rain against the
stained-glass windows." Shelby goes on to write, "...overcome by emotion
as he contrasted the peace of the present interlude with what he had seen
yesterday in one of the great battles of that fratricidal war,
the gray-clad bishop bowed his head and wept." Now that's how history
*should* be written!]

And just to give this post a modicum of Gloranthan content, even Lunar
Generals preach peace and pacifism, and know they will have it once the
whole world sees the light and converts to the Lunar Way!



>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX.12-NFL47) More on Trollball: "Later found out that the Death Lord
had bribed the giant with a sack full of bee hives to dig the ditch. Either
way that crazy Zorak Zoran figured he'd come out on top: if the other
side protested, there'd be a bloody riot; if not, his pack of berserks
were certain to win. On the morrow, in the full light of Yelm, I plan to
return to Blacktop to see if my sugar cane escaped the affray."
Theo P.


End of Glorantha Digest V4 #144

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