Bishops & Linguistics

Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 17:48:55 EET

MOB's mention of Leonidas Polk reminds me of what I always thought was
one of the great black humor moments in the Civil War: General Sherman
writing cheerfully home: "We killed Bishop Polk this morning." Almost
up to the level of General Sedgewick's last words: "Don't worry, they
couldn't hit an elephant at this dis --"

Jane Williams asks:
"Now, how can we get these minor differences of dialect (?) and useage
into Glorantha??? Do northern Sartarites address everyone as "love", and
wonder why southern Sartarites get upset?"

The real world story about this is that Anthony Eden referred to everyone
that he knew well as "my dear," which did not "endear" him to either
Dwight Eisenhower or John Foster Dulles (with possible unfortunate
consequences in the 1956 Suez affair).

Jim Chapin


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