Re: Humakti Subcults

From: Loren Miller (
Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 11:22:59 EET

Joseph Troxell <> asks:

> Since Humakt has the Truth Rune, and it's owned by Lhankor My is
> there a connection between these two cults? Awhile ago, the idea
> of a LM "Judge" and a Humakti "Executioner" working together came
> up.

Awesome idea! It is now gloranthan truth in my version of Carmania.
Even scarier is the old-fashioned Inquisitory Squad, consisting of
one Lhankor Mhyite sage, one Ikadzian seeker of penitence, one
Yelmic Noble, and seven soldiers of Humakt, running an investigation
into devil worship in the backwaters of Bindle.

"The Truth will out!"


Loren Miller <>
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