Apologies for this trash

From: danny bourne (d.bourne@dial.pipex.com)
Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 16:13:36 EET

>It very much *IS* a place for *ANYONE* to ask questions. The fact that
>the discussion is often very high level is to a large extent an
>artifact of Glorantha's current state.

High level my left foot, the discussion is mainly a points scoring bouton
What I Know About Glorantha That No-one Else Knows Because I'm More Anally
Retentive Than You between half a dozen or so people who really should have
better things to do with their lives (like grow old) than be constantly
(and after a while annoyingly) nit picking on grudge of such trivia that it
beggars belief.
The digest should be more like the way MOB does things - whacky fun ideas,
not pseudo-mythical, pseudo-factual rantings about stuff that is of no use
to neither man nor beast. No wonder Runequest (or Glorantha if you prefer
to divorce the two) is seen as being geeky, clannish and uptight by other
role players. God help the Gloranthan renaissance

BTW Nick, I don't think Steve accused you of being a liar, rather that you
inferred it - wrongly perhaps. Just as Steve wrongly, perhaps, inferred
that you were slighting him by calling him Stevie.

Sorry for the outburst, it just had to be said.

PS To declare my references, the dross that was the Harreck song I did is a
parody of Just A Girl by No Doubt, track 3 on the Album Tragic Kingdom
produced by MCA ind90003 and the up and coming March and Die is a parody of
March or Die, track 11 on the Album March Or Die by Motorhead Sony
WTG4717231 (Lemmy being, of course, THE proof of the existence of God).


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