Shargashi = Assyrians, Sense Runes

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Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 20:06:49 EET

Peter Metcalfe writes:
>I have thought of using the Aztec warriors as a model but they
>fight crap (mainly because they fought as individuals and
>in a ritualistic manner). Proper Shargashi should be able to
>subdue their sense of self when fighting in a group.
<Stuff on Rome, snip>

Now, I don't know much abou thte Shargashi, but how about the Assyrians?
I give the following two quotes, from Sennacherib and Assurnasirpal II:

"[Attacks Babylon] Like the on-coming of a storm I broke loose, and
overwhelmed it like a hurricane... With their corpses I filled the city
squares. The city and its houses, from its foundation to its top, I
destroyed, I devastated, I burned with fire ... I razed and dumped [the
rubble] into the Arahtu Canal... Through the midst of that city I dug
canals, I flooded its site with water, and the very foundations thereof I
destroyed. ... I completely blotted it with floods of water and made it
like a meadow."

"[Suru rebels] In the valor of my heart and with the fury of my weapons I
stormed the city. All the rebels they seized and delivered them up ...
Azi-ilu I set over them as my own governor. I built a pillar over against
his city gate, and I flayed all the chief men who had revolted, and I
covered the pillar with their skins; some I walled up within the pillar,
some I impaled upon the pillar on stakes, and others I bound to stakes
round about the pillar; many within the border of my own land I flayed,
and I spread their skins upon the walls; and I cut off the limbs of the
officers, of the royal officers who had rebelled. Ahiababa I took to
Nineveh, I flayed him, I spread his skin upon the wall of Nineveh..."

All the bloodthirstiness of the Mexica! All the efficiency of the Romans!
Two great hits, together in the Assyrians. <g> On the plus side, they are
(to my knowledge) one of the few integrated (cav & inf) armies of the
pre-modern period that relied on terror (unlike the cav-only nomads, or
the inf-only Mexica). So, anyway, their tactics were even close enough to
the Dara Happans to make them a good possibility. (Maybe too many
chariots, frex.)

Lewis Jardine suggests: I'd offer in turn:
>Sonar = Darkness
>Taste = Water? Taste = Water
>Touch = Earth Touch =-Earth
>Sight = Ether/Light Sight = Aether
>Sound = Air Sound = Darkness*
>Smell = Chaos? Smell = Air**
>Illusion = Moon!?!? Pain(?) = Chaos?
                                ? = Moon
                                Heatsense = ?
* Because you can hear in darkness? And darksense is, since it's treated
like sonar, basically a kind of "hearing" (albeit a superior one). I've
read that blind humans can be trained to perform some fairly impressive
abilities with echolocation -- including being able to tell what kind of
coin you were holding in front of them (because they could apparently tell
the size). The book in question, while a reputable scientific study, is
about 20 years old, though (part of the NATO stuff on sonar) and may be
out of date. So, anyway, Echolocation: it's not just for trolls, anymore.

** Maybe because you need air and wind to carry the scent to you? Frex,
you need air for _both_ sound and smell. :( A coin-toss to figure out who
gets what?

James Frusetta


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