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Date: Fri 31 Jan 1997 - 22:21:24 EET

David Gadbois talks about Yelm being a nobles-only cult.

Priests from associate cults may join Yelm. There is no particular
need for them to be noble. Therefore Yelm is not nobles-only.

The cult of Yelm Imperator is for the Nobles. The rest of the Yelm
Cultists are not Nobles, but would, I think, fill a gentry-role -
more refined than commoners but not truly Noble. After all, Yelm
Cultists are a stuck-up lot.

MGF - Having a bunch of yuppie Yelm cultists who can never become
Nobles is far more fun than having thousands of petty nobles running

Anyway, Yelm is probably only worshipped strongly in the Cities, not
in the countryside.


Thomas Doniol-Valcroze mentions using sonar as a weapon.

In my game, Mistress race Trolls know of a frequency of sound which
only they can produce which will kill any trollkin it is aimed at.
This is a secret and is not generally publicised, but occasionally an
UzUz will kill a trollkin just by growling at it (that is, if the
trollkin has not died of fright already).

Have to go - my lift is moaning.



If it has stats it can be killed.
If it is in the rules it can be abused.
If it is mentioned it can be targetted.
People can change the world and screw up the Timeline.
Restrictions are for NPCs, not for PCs.

Taking Power Gaming to new extremes (in a sensitive, role-playing way, of course)



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