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Robert MacArthur wrote

> I can only agree with Nick that the recent 'official' releases from Greg and
> Chaosium have not particularly helped my campaign! (eg. The Fortunate
> Succession, Entekosiad et al.).

I could easily run a campaign out of Entekosiad instead of just the
scenario I ran at G-Con IV, and have come up with a board game from the
same source. Our Post Dragonkill campaign was helped immeasurably by
Fortunate Succession.

James Frusetta asked

> Quick question -- what's the level of "background noise" that ceteceans
> can handle? I'd read that bats, for example, had a lot of trouble in
> lab environments so "noisy" that they couldn't distinguish their
> echolocation returns from the noise. I'm wondering if this isn't a
> (slightly) effective technique against the uz, in war: the Yelm army
> smashes spears on their shields, raps their armor, etc., to confuse the
> trolls.

I'd guess that the frequencies are so different that it wouldn't matter.
(All that noise might make it hard to hear speech, but that would be a
problem for both sides.)

Steve Lucek claims that Orlanthi culture has survived:

> > And to some extent, it *hasn't* survived.
> Yup, but down and not out.

The analogy isn't perfect, but has Greek culture survived? There are still
Greeks, and they still speak their language. But the folks who built the
Acropolis are no more. Similarly, the Orlanthi who created the Council of
Worlds Friends and the EWF are no more (and neither are the grand
accomplishments of their cultures).

I suspect no human culture has survived since the Dawn. All have collapsed
and/or been transformed in some fashion.

Nick Brooke used the appealing title "Rage Bellower" for the Storm Bull
(Storm Buck / Urox). This makes me wonder what sort of loud-noise rune
spell his followers should have. Possibly just something that lets you talk
really loudly (a perfect foil for those Issaries and Orlanth Goodvoice
types with their damned Eloquence spell).

Lewis Jardine suggested

> Taste = Water?
> Smell = Chaos?

Sharks are said to smell blood for great distances, I'd go with smell and
water. And if chaos beasts have to favor taste, no wonder they all want to
eat you.

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