Elfs, Axes and ZZ [and Shargash]

From: Howard Fielding (fielding@adan.kingston.net)
Date: Fri 03 Jan 1997 - 18:22:35 EET

Hi guys,=20

Really enjoying all the Elf Stuff!=20

My 2-Cents:=20

Axe =3D Sacred Earth Weapon until it was stolen by ZZ who used to to =
Flamal. Now only Elves that use Axes are BG's [who embrace death with a =
vengence] or other fanatical types with a death-wish.

ZZ=3DDevout ZZ Death Lords use AXES because this is the form of death =
that ZZ first used. Here the myths become confused because Kigor Litor =
has a sub-cult with the Axe Biter Rune Spell....which i believe should =
belong to ZZ!

Shargash=3D There appears to be some darkness/ZZ connection [that i =
don't quite understand] therefore i believe Shargashi should be Beserker =

Futhermore, the Shargash/Tolat connection makes me wonder if they aren't =
really Beserker Axe-Woman in the heart of the Lunar Empire!

All IMO.



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