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From: Jeff Kilford (Jeff_Kilford@ccm.isw.intel.com)
Date: Sat 01 Feb 1997 - 02:24:00 EET

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James Turner wrote:

>Perhaps there should be a new list for Glorantha novices, though I guess not
>many new people are comming into the game. If G:tG ever comes out hopefully
>this will change and there will be a flood of 'ignorant' questions like, do

>lay eggs? Do elves bleed sap, photosynthesise, need to breathe? Can you
>sail off the lozenge? Do Jack'o bears really have pumpkin heads? etc.

PHEW! I'm with you James... I'd begun to think I was reading a mensa
anthropological study into roleplaying. You guys really are so advanced... I
mean I play and GM every now and then (love RuneQuest) but yikes! Most of you
guys must be giant pulsating brains on legs. I'd like somewhere to go to do the
basics as well, I'm part of group who hack and slay around Glorantha on
fantastic journeys rather than the real political intrigue you guys are capable

of... I read the digest but have to discard huge amounts as too advanced, and it
is a bit off-putting as I am unfit for comment on virtually all that goes on.
I'll continue to try and keep up but a basics list would be magic.


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