City Gods?

Date: Sat 01 Feb 1997 - 00:26:43 EET

> Peter Metcalfe <> noted...
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> Joerg Baumgartner:
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> DC>>Likewise the initiates in the City God sacrifice POW but are virtually
> >>lay members.
> >Well, I believe that City Gods do provide lots of associate divine magic
> for
> >the point of POW sacrificed. A bit like the Seven Mothers (a cult with
> >_only_ associate or common divine spells from the single Mothers).
> This seems redundant to me as most people are members of another
> god as well as the City God and get their magic from the other cult.
> Let us say that Jonstown is associated with Orlanth. Most people
> who belong to the City God will belong to Orlanth and can get his
> spells from his Priests. Pavis is exceptional as the City God is
> a fusion of different cultures.
           I would guess that the nature of the spells the City God gets
would depend on the nature of the city's founding Hero. Since Pavis dealt
with a diverse assortment of peoples the cultist get an unusual assortment of
spells, but I would guess that most city cults would get a few spells that
their founder used/acquired or perhaps even invented.

          "Guess" is the operative word here; I'm not an RQ Sage Lord, alas.
Have any City or regional deities been developed other than Pavis?

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