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From: James Frusetta (
Date: Sat 01 Feb 1997 - 06:07:06 EET

James Turner writes:
> Perhaps there should be a new list for Glorantha novices, though I
> guess not many new people are coming into the game.
Jeff Kilford sez:
> I read the digest but have to discard huge amounts as too advanced,
> and it is a bit off-putting as I am unfit for comment on virtually all
> that goes on. I'll continue to try and keep up but a basics list would
> be magic.

My instinctive reaction is against segregating Glorantha into two groups
- -- why wouldn't the stuff the "novices" suggest, ask or talk about be any
less useful or intriguing at time sthan the "advanced" list? I'd subscribe
to both. Why not? There's lots of stuff I'm a novice about, and I've
played the game for nearly a deacde. Hell, I couldn't tell Shargash,
Elhim, Yelmalio or Yelm worshippers apart if you paid me (They all make
that same "thwack" sound when I hit 'em with my maul). Why be intimidated?
Hey, I just confused two major periods of history (as Stephen Lucek
pointed out, frex), and I'll keep posting. Thing of how stupid I feel:
I'm a historian. I suspect that both of you above have interesting and
insightful things to say about Glorantha. So say 'em! What interests you
about the world? Comment about it: that's where interesting discussions
come from. That's why I just about never post on anything but the uz -- I
like trolls, and enjoy discussing them to gain new insights -- I'd have
never thought of Darkness as a carrier for sonar. What interests do
_you_ have you can bring the Digest?
I think the RQ Rules list would take care of some of the basic questions,
if/when it gets back up (stuff like how many lunars to a wheel). Or, worse
come to worse, ask people to respond directly to avoid cluttering up the
digest. Or just e-mail some of the people on the list -- feel free to
e-mail me if you have questions you don't want on here (I probably won't
actually _know_ the answer, but...)

Danny Bourne, in the midst of sarcasm, mentions:
> (Lemmy being, of course, THE proof of the existence of God).
But _not_ of soap or water, from what I hear. <g> What? You're gonna do "March
or Die" before "The Mace of Shades"? I, for one, request it first.


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