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Frederic J-M Moulin <>
Glorantha Digest V4 #139
>Talking about vampires, does anyone has any info concerning the promised
>"tower of darkness" supplement introduced in "Lords of Terror"?
>I assume it's dead, but I suspect it will never really live or die, just
>constantly rip hope out of the heart of Glorantha lovers, as it is
>for a supplement about Vivamort...

The supplement was by pat Elwer, written way back in 86 or so. Last
Spring I was dealing with Jack Dott about doing it as a RQ supplement.
After three months and a number of long distance phone calls, however, I
finally gave up, as we were getting nowhere. Jack had not read, then lost
my proposal. And all he seemed to want to do was talk about why was RQ
doing so badly.

If Glorantha: the Game ever gets underway, I have suggested to Pat that
he talk to Rob Heinsoo about rewriting it for that system.

"Loren Miller" <>
Re: Darksense and media
>Seems to me that the Mistress Race use their darksense in the element
>of Darkness, the Sea Trolls use their darksense in the element of
>Ocean, and the Dark Trolls, having the most debased form of
>darksense, use it in the Air.
An excellent suggestion. However, who is going to hang the bell on the
cat -- do you have any idea of how these three different uses differ? The
Sea Trolls are pretty standard, but the Mistress Race using Darkness as
the medium is as close to a magical ability as any other characteristic
of the uzuz.

I assume that the Mistress Race can also use their Darksense through Air
when theyhave to (such as the very rare times they go out during the
day), though I am pretty sure the Sea Trolls do not have this option
(using their Darksense through air).

Thomas Doniol-Valcroze <>
Dark Sonar.
>The thicker the darkness, the "denser" the carrier, and so, the faster
>the sonar waves, just like in RW water. That would give trolls even
>more good reasons to be hunting in the darkest nights.

Also gives them yet another reason to hate the Red Moon. And, another
reason to accept the Blue Moon -- its light (where it has it) counts as
Darkness because of her connections, and so conducts Darksense just as
well as darkness. Perhaps even better.

Finally, it gives the possibility of another version of the "Karrg
snuffing out stars" myth in Trollpak. Rather than the stars getting
caught in Xentha's hair (always an idea I found very untrollish), it
could be that she was having trouble seeing all of her children down
there on earth, so Karrg helped her out by getting rid of some of the
brighter ones. Though he obviously missed a few.

>Note the following distinction between dolphins and bats: sonar
>ability is innate for a bat, but the bat cannot adapt itself to a new
>situation. Sonar ability is not innate to the dolphins: they have to
>learn it, to teach it to their youngs, to train using it in different

This would imply that dolphins could theoretically adapt to _radically_
different circumstances, such as moving between water and air, or large
amounts of other-density liquids in the water. Is this correct? (Michael Cule)
>I personally don't believe that Ducks lay eggs. I have the strong
>(though I couldn't quote you a source) that on Glorantha the Durulz and
>Duck Keets bear live young.

Borderlands, reprinted in River of Cradles (pg 33): Ducks bear live

>Which is what made The Last Egg of Mother Duck
>such a powerful relic in my campaign: it came from the time before the
>nature was changed.
Cool idea. What was it, other than a powerful totem? Did the clan/tribe
actually have it, were they searching for it?
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