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From: Tim Ellis (
Date: Sun 02 Feb 1997 - 02:25:26 EET

Stephen Martin says, in relation to Tower Of the Night.
>If Glorantha: the Game ever gets underway, I have suggested to Pat that
>he talk to Rob Heinsoo about rewriting it for that system.
which brings to mind two questions I have about recently announced
shelved products,

1) MOB's Soldiers of the Red Moon. - MOB says this project has been
dropped by "Mutual Consent" (or something along those lines, this is
from memory), how does this leave it contractually? - eg could RMM put
it out as a RQ "fan-produced" supplement or can MOB re-submit it to
Chaosium as a G:tG supplement once that is published, or can/will AH
claim any ownership of the material? I hope not, because I would really
like to see this supplement, and I assume I am not the only one on this
list to think this :)

2) The Imther Supplement - Again from memory, the "Gloranthan" component
was rejected by Chaosium - The suspicious part of me says this is
because Chaosium don't want any new "Gloranthan" product competing with
Glorantha : the Game - I hope not, because any Gloranthan product is
better than none, and if this is the case, we can forget RQ completely.
(mind you, the sneaky-suspicious part of me says Chaosium will ask
Harald et al to do a G:tG Imther supplement with sufficient revisions to
ensure it is now "approved")
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