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Date: Sun 02 Feb 1997 - 07:17:24 EET


> It has also spent its most warlike priests in 1602, 1611 and 1613 - read the
> Varmandi description in the Genertela Players Book (Orlanthi "What My Father
> Told Me"). I tend to regard the Varmandi as the hooligan clan of the
> Colymar, yet even they are led by a Barntar type after 1613.

Oy! Who are you calling hooligans! We're just misunderstood - all we
want to do is farm, raise cattle and raid Orlevings. Circumstances beyond
our control have just forced us to defend ourselves with extreme
prejudice. Just think how peaceful you'd be if you had the Malani as your

Heorl, lawspeaker to the Varmandi circa 1350's.

> 3. Ducks ride fat, short, gentle little ponies. Trolls ride giant
> tarantulas which can rip a rhino in half.

Well, that raised some old memories - I'd like to propose a minute's
silence for my dear departed Rhino, Blossom. Cut down in her
glorious prime by a huge tarantula just outside skyfall lake <sob>.

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