From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Sun 02 Feb 1997 - 10:58:40 EET

James Frusetta:

>Now, I don't know much abou thte Shargashi, but how about the Assyrians?

How could I have _forgotten_ the Assyrians! The only major point
against them is that they were quite humane in relocating people
and much of their atrocities were directed at the enemy leaders.
This is not something the Alkothian would do when fighting the
Darjiinians for example.

Martin Laurie:

>However is social circumstances, how do you see their relationship
>with the other folk in Dara Happa? Especially given the history
>of Alkothi survival and independance when the other cities fell
>fairly often?

Alkoth's relation with other Dara Happan Cities would be extremely
patriochal or the 'other cities team in [sport of choice] is crap'
view. Only rarely has it fallen to the depths of ethnic hatred.

They seem to be friendly towards Sylila for some obscure reason
(above and beyond the other Dara Happan cities). Other forms of
Pelorian lifeforms (especially Darjiinians) are only fit for a
life of servitude...

- --Peter Metcalfe


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